Megnative Rays in Human Body

In the name of Almighty Allah, who is most beneficial & kind with HIS creature but we as human being don’t understand what our LORD wishes us to teach.

Our Allah has invited us to think in HIS universe. We notice HIS perfection in every item of this world. Our body is also HIS superb & terrific creation.

Every one of us know the two fields of a magnetic i.e. positive & negative field. Each field is having its importance & continuously emits its LIMITED frequency impart in it.

As per new scientific research, we all live in a cosmic world & get affected with its rays spreading in this universe.

In human body, Allah has also fed both magnetic fields. If we think positive our body continuously emits positive rays that usually connect with positive rays in cosmic area. As a result we feel ourselves quite relax & comfortable.

In the time of crises, we all worship Almighty Allah according to our religion/sect & after completion of prayer we feel an inner calm in our heart. And after some time, we notice the situation has become favorable in our side.

There is a famous saying “A man is known by the company he keeps”. We all have good/bad people around us. Remember whenever we meet with a negative thought personality, we think badly & when we see with a positive thought personality, we get motivated.

Today science has proved whenever we even think bad about any personality it automatically effect on the soul/body of that person due to negative rays & cosmic rays.

Our inner feelings totally change when we pay visit at any CHURCH/MASJID/TEMPLE.

What is all of this? We even don’t think & observe about it.

In my experience, negative person do transform his negative rays even over the telephone. Yes it’s true that can’t be denied. In some cases, negative person knows about this negative power usage & sometime not.

It’s the basis principle of BLACK MAGIC; to continuous repeat the bad words about any body that needs to be harmed.

If you wish to ruin anyone just say O ……. May your health go down… Repeat this sentence on daily basis & it would effect on that person.

We go in a bar & the rays strolling there damage our soul. Our one happy word may enable other person to live happy. Only one word….

Law of giving says “If you need love, firstly give love” If you need peace, give peace to others. But we demand love instead of giving it.

I have met a guy to whom a family hate & complained me many times. I asked them if you people don’t wish to see that guy then why the hell you allow that person to come into your home.

But whenever that guy enters into their home, they become stunned in-front of him & when he leaves that premises they come back in their previous condition.

I advise all of you to choose good people/places around you & always avoid the negativity of others.

I also remember a research recently done by spiritual scholars i.e. whenever we shout/abuse/weep/cry in our home, it also badly effect our premises/family members.

Any outsider, whenever he will enter into our home, he would definitely suffer the negative rays spread in our environment. They also suggest, whenever we wish to cry/weep, do select separated place in our home so that negative rays just overlap that specified area instead of whole home.

May my LORD keep showering HIS love on us. Amen


Muhammad Naveed Rahmat


Posted: May 14, 2008; 3:57 P.M (PST)


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