5 Presentation Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Debbie Bailey is a well-regarded Presentation Skills Training Consultant and founder of Trainer2go Inc.
You’ve been asked to give an important presentation. A lot is riding on how well you can deliver. The problem is, you’re not sure where to begin. The last class you took on presentation skills told you to tie your hands behind your back and blend in with everyone else. Is that really a good approach?

The answer is a LOUD and RESONATING NO WAY.

If you want to WOW your audience, you have to STAND UP and STAND OUT!

Here are 5 Presentation Secrets designed to help you see an immediate and dramatic improvement in your presentation performance.

Secret #1 – Manage Your Anxiety So That It Doesn’t Manage YOU!

Most of the nervous symptoms you experience before a presentation are exactly the same as those you feel when excited. To the body adrenaline is very simply- ENERGY. If we call it energy or excitement it is good, if we call it anxiety, it is bad. The first step toward successfully managing your anxiety is to remove the negative label and rename that feeling you have right before you step up to the podium, EXCITEMENT. Tell yourself that you are excited about the opportunity to speak in front of this group. “Excitement” is a much more manageable and positive emotion than “anxiety.” Then use your excitement to energize you and help you communicate your enthusiasm to your audience.

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Presentation Skills – The tips and tricks

In persuit to develop my ever low presentation skills I have decided to give my brain good two weeks to learn this trick ofthe trade. So I will be searching for the next two weeks plus incorporating my learning from a recent course at Learning Tree International.