Tips of managing effective phone meetings

Phone meetings with a large audience can be a challenge as no one can see each other, and efficient collaboration can effect. Here are some quick tips for managing effective phone meetings: (please do share in comments your ideas and suggestions.)

1. Roll call and greetings are essential for a positive start.
2. keep things flowing rather than just being silent as people are joining in. Talk about the weather or any personal stuff like kids etc.
3. repeat roll call as new members join that will require quick first name note on who is on the call
4. clearly define when you are about to start the meeting
5. Clearly lay down the agenda and expectations.
6. Go through your points so you should have a bullet point list that you can hit.
7. Keep track of time and be assertive to participants if you think they take long by interviewing with words like great, brilliant or even say ok I am going to stop you there sorry but let’s cover this detail offline.
8. When asking for some input go through each participant and name them to get their information to engage them properly.
9. Closing the call: do summarise the actions agreed and also make sure to make a quick note.
10. Thank you in a positive manner and loudly to everyone and share expectations of next meeting date and time.


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