Success tips for online business

Some tips for Online Business Success

The following 5 essential elements are the base of success for online business:

What Are These Five Elements?

  1. Traffic: This is the constant flow of prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. Without traffic you can’t have sales. With no sales, you can’t have profits. That is why eBay and Amazon are a big success, if you take away their traffic no matter how good the products are they are nothing.
  2. Funnel: A funnel is systemized process that allows you to capture your traffic and turn them into leads and buyers.
  3. Filter: Filters allow you to show your prospects custom products and services that are specific to the traffic needs.
  4. Follow-up: Well thought out follow-up processes allow you to stay in touch with your leads and buyers, get feedback and comments so you can offer them better solutions.
  5. Tiered product mix: This is a selection of products, services and solutions at various price points that address your buyer’s needs.

Here are some tips for personal success from Richard Branson on BBC News: 


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