Marketing Communication Plan Templates

Marketing Communications Plan is the marketing plan which incorporates two or more integrated marketing communications mediums aiming to reiterate the same goals and objectives. Marketing Communications Plans are considered by many professionals as an excellent way to effectively communicate with target audience.
Marketing Communications Plans are generally based on two different frameworks: Marketing Communications Planning Framework and SOSTAC (Fill, 1999).

Marketing Communications Plans consist of the following vital elements:

  • Context analysis
  • Promotional objectives
  • Marketing communications strategy
  • Promotional mix (methods and tools)
  • Budget schedule
  • Evaluation and control"

When writing marketing communications plan it is important to:
1. Set corporate, marketing and marketing communications objectives, which would support and integrate with each other.
2. Develop segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies
3. Develop creative message with which Marketing Communications Plan with communicate with target audience
4. Select and justify one or combination of marketing strategies (push, pull or profile)
5. Develop well-rounded and creative set of promotional mediums and allocate appropriate budget for each medium.
6. Create contingency planning strategy (in case something goes wrong)
7. Set strict set of evaluation and control mediums which would include milestones and continuous evaluation

Please find below links to excellent Marketing Communications Plans available online:
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C/M/180. Internet music search engine Promotion Campaign
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S/M/77. Project Management for Marketing Communications Campaign
P/M/289. Marketing Communications Plan for ROYAL DUTCH/ SHELL
S/M/69. Marketing Communications Plan for British Airways (BA)
P/M/269. Marketing Communications Plan for Shell
P/M/262. Marketing Communications Plan for North West Valley Sailing Club
C/M/117. Marketing Communications Plan for Hugo Boss
P/M/252. Marketing Communications Plan for the Introduction of New Product: Smoothie
P/M/139. Marketing Communications Plan for Haagen-Dazs
P/M/130. Marketing Communications Plan for the new degree programme
P/M/133. Marketing Communications Plan for Marks and Spencer
P/M/134. Analysis and development of Marketing Communications Plan for Adidas (US).


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