Mac Powerpoint – multi screen usage with one screen for presentation only

After delivering a lot of trainings globally I have been using my loyal Mac Book Pro all the time. One thing that always annoyed me was the inability to use my MacBook Pro’s screen open to anything I want to do while on the projector my slides are appearing in full screen.

With Mac Office 2012 you get the Presenter window but still you cant use your laptop screen for anything else like browsing etc. The moment you touch the slide show option the presentation slide show stops from both screens. This created problems as usually we could not then work on the laptop screen if you have the OFfice Powerpoint presentation is going on.

Finally after a lot of search I have found the solution which is there in the SlideShow ribbon of Powerpoint. See this screen shot where when you have selected this option you can have two screens NOT MIRRORED and then drag the presentation to the projector screen and keep on doing thing you want to without the audience knowing what you are up to. The problem has been that Mirroring or not Mirroring it always used to display the presentation on both screens. So here what you do:

1. Click on Slide Show Ribbon


2. Click on the Setup SlideShow


3. Then make this change:











This will give you a SlideShow option which can then be dragged to the required screen and then you can use the system for other tasks while one screen is displaying your FULL SCREEN slideshow. Hope it was helpful…if you have more suggestions please feel free to share using the comments section.



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