IQ Options – Binary Trading Strategy PART 1


IQ Option is a great tool to trade stocks and forex. It offers 1 min – 1 day to 1 week expiry options and you can start with a £10 investment or you can open a free 14 day demo account with £10,000 in order to learn. Here is my strategy to trade that covers a lot of time invested in perfecting the loss management and steady gain.

This is Tactical Binary Trading strategy for 30 second options on Turbo setting with 1 minute expiry for

Bollinger Band Tactical insights

  1. Use Bollinger Bands with period 20 with deviation of 2.
  2. When the candle of 30 seconds touches the top line do a PUT.
  3. When the candle of 30 seconds touches the lower line do a CALL.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 09.54.19

Managing Losses through Martingale rule

This is Martingale rule but with reversed direction at every loss and sticking to on basic investment if there is a win in the same direction:

  1. First investment should be £10 (Lets say its a PUT)
  2. If you win you continue investing £10 in the same direction (Another PUT)
  3. If you now lose invest £23 as a CALL
  4. If you still lose invest £48 as a PUT
  5. If you still lose invest £97 as CALL
  6. If you now win then invest £10 as PUT
  7. Decision to start a process should be on the first part using Bollinger signs or you can use rainbow strategy. Here are the numbers again:
    1. 10
    2. 23
    3. 45
    4. 97
    5. 120

Rainbow Strategy

  1. This is done using the MA bars
  2. First bar is set on type EMA at Period 6 with a unique colour BLUE
  3. Second is setup on type EMA at period 16 with a different colour YELLOW
  4. Third is setup on type EMA at period 26 with a different colour RED
  5. Now the strategy is that if the bar BLUE which usually stays in the middle touch the YELLOW bar and goes above it that shows a spike and you need to do a CALL.
  6. If the YELLOW comes down and crossed the BLUE then you need to PUT
  7. Keep an eye on the RED bar as it is an indicator if the above steps should be taken as if it is not moving in the same direction then there is a chance that things will revert. So hold and wait.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 09.55.22


  1. Rule of thumb is that always have the RSA indicator turned on as it shows low and high movement to give you an indication if you are making the right choice. Only PUT or CALL when the graph bar touches the top or bottom.Screenshot 2015-11-13 09.54.45



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