How video impacts our decision making?

Video watching outranks all major online activities with figures like 125.5 million viewers watching 10.3 billion videos on YouTube this year should not be taken lightly.

Please see this presentation on video and the social media impact it holds.

Here is my story in realising how video can effect our decision making:

I was searching for the best possible online cloud file sharing and sync service. I came across many companies and offers. All of them were offering impressive solutions, software to accompany their offers and better prices. Now what I noticed was that I had about 20 tabs open on my Chrome representing different websites offering the similar service. In an effort to shortlist I started exploring each of the final shortlisted solutions. Some dropped down for price and some of presentation and the whole offer itself. What I noticed I had a tie between the following:

and you what I just felt compeled to go with SugarSync.You know why?

It was their attractive video presentation of what they offered. Not to mention DropBox have had the same approach and impact on me but as it is not offering sync it was not in the list. Have a look at this SugarSync video its funny, snappy but yet tells you the whole story and you surprisingly remember it. DivShare was a few pennys cheaper but I went with SugarSync just because of that video. Amazing I never realised how video can make such an impact on decision making. 

It is interesting to note that how visual messaging impacts our decision and if the visual message takes us into a lighter mood we absorb more and are able to retain the information that eventually effects our decision making or helps in that process.

Now a days many large companies that are active in social media consider video as their second most powerful social media tool. Syndicating your video is the new way to handle all the avenues like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Hulu, veoh etc. See this:

PixelPipe helps you syndicate your video content

The growth can of interest and availability of video can be seen here:

Source: WSI Video webinar

Oh by the way here is the SugarSync video I was talking about: (by the way if you have any better solution for online file sync and storage please comment, thanks)


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  1. Update:

    SugarSync offers the best product in the market at a very good price. I am syncing folders between 4 of my PCs and MACs and it is just SEAMLESS. is the one to go for after testing all the best out there.

    P.S. Word of advice please please dont go for, they are spammers and will send 4 emails a day to all your contacts in the email address you use to register with them. You are not even shown the content of the email and they start sending emails. SPAMMER ALERT for iDRIVE

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