How to download purchased Apps from iPhone/iPod to iTunes?

After doing a fresh install of Snow Leopard I lost my iTunes Purchased Apps as I had no backup what so ever. (silly me). I had a new iPhone and my old iPod Touch was loaded with Apps and I wanted to transfer those to my brand new iPhone. As there was no backup on iTunes I could not get the Purchased Apps from iPod to iTunes so that I can restore them to iPhone. I tried a lot of forums and could not find a simple answer. Finally, in a moment of desperation, I righted clicked on my iPhone and chose the option “Transfer Purchases” and to my suprise and glee I successfully moved my applications onto to my computer.

To transfer applications to iTunes from your iPhone:

  1. Right click on your iPhone in the left hand explorer bar
  2. Select “Transfer Purchases”
  3. You should see a progress bar in iTunes and your phone should read “Sync in Progress”
  4. If everything went as planned, all of your applications that were purchased on your iPhone should now appear in iTunes
  5. Then you can sync all the Apps (free or purchased) them with your new iPhone easily and also with your iPod at the same time. 🙂 ah what a relief. Hope it saved others a lot of time.


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