5 Essential Steps Before Making a Presentation

The main objective of any presentation is to communicate effectively and efficiently the information, the ideas or plans with the audience. Speaking before an audience and making an effective presentation is an art, which has to be learnt with serious effort.

While working in an organization or in business, there may be many occasions for public speaking, where you have to make a presentation such as launching of a new product or service, presenting new business plans or making a marketing or sales proposal. Whatever be the purpose of your presentation, it always requires careful preparation to make it a successful presentation.

Following 5 steps can help you to make your presentation an effective presentation.

Be clear about the occasion and the subject:
Speaker should be aware of the purpose he wants to fulfill through his presentation. Whether it is a seminar or launching of a new product or conference or annual meeting. Whether there is sufficient time for presentation and discussion thereafter. You can put your best foot forward for presentation for inaugural occasion or launching of a new service. However, if organization is facing financial problems then presentation should focus on vital statistics and inferences from data available and positive suggestion.

Make audience analysis and know your audience:
Whatever be the topic of your presentation, you should understand your audience for whom it is meant. Their age, sex, experience, education background have great relevance to the presentation and it can influence the choice of words, tone, need for explanation in depth and details etc. Analysis of audience should be continued even during the presentation. Their body language and reaction on their faces can give you immediate feedback about your presentation.

Get the idea about the location or visit the location:
You should visit the location before making your presentation to get an idea about the size of the room, seating arrangement, lighting controls and audiovisual equipments.

Plan your presentation:
Plan out your presentation in writing with outline showing what you will say in the beginning, the middle and at the end. Also decide upon the method you will use for your presentation such as reading or extemporaneous. Visual aids with illustration and graphs can be used to make your presentation more interesting and interactive.

Rehearse your presentation:
Rehearsal is very important to gain the confidence before your presentation. Rehearse as a part of team to get the suggestions for improvement.

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Author: Stephen Thomson


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