Customise MAC Leopard Dock and Desktop Wallpaper

Are you bored of your MAC Dock? Do you have many app icons but its sometimes hard to find them as you can customise the MAC dock or add space to the dock icons? Then the best and free solution is here my friends.

I found these two free and very useful tools to customise the dock for any OS 10.5 and above MAC computer. I was bored with my dock and having it full with many documents I wanted to add spaces in between icons plus customise it with some texture etc. Well I ended up with three tools which I think are the best if you are looking to customise your MAC Dock. Here is the list of free dock customising software + plus an additional very cool wallpaper app:

1. Docker

Docker offered all the things I wanted adding spaces, 2D/3D dock icons but above all ability to add spaces in between icons and a very handy lastest applications folder. If you are feeling creative, you can easily select your own images, or a vast array of download able styles.
With Docker, we can organize icons and shorcuts easier. It is also now possible to prevent users from accessing certain Dock settings from the Finder, and hide or remove the menubar and Dock. And its FREE 🙂

Download here: (

2. Dock Library

Dock Library offers a more easier styling option and a really sleek one. You can download styles from websites like Jack Rebel also has a few nice options.    and then import the downloaded .zip file to this software. Once imported you can simple implement it and your dock style will change. Look at some samples below:

Download here: (

Dock Library - customise snow leopard dock

Ok now for the MAC wallpaper and desktop:

03. Backlight Screensaver to Wallpaper

This nifty software just does one job convert your MAC screensaver into your wallpaper. Simple but very effective even cost effective for it being FREE. You cant imagine how beautiful the desktop of your MAC will look, specially with MAC screensavers. Its free simple and very easy to use and does add life to the desktop. Enjoy!

Download here:


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