Best Online Business Mindset

If I say to you its, not about the product that you sell? You are going to laugh and say well no if you don’t have a good product you can’t sell it to masses?

My friend, you are wrong, in the digital world sales is all about a “Starving Audience”. You can sell garbage to a starving audience and they will pay you for it. It’s all about tapping into that market and offering them something which they have starved for and not found it yet.

A group of people starving locked in a room for 5 days if offered any food with 5 times more the cost will buy it as they have the hunger for it. Knowledge is one of those areas that people are getting to strive as they have some here and there but it is not working. It’s not about a huge number of people coming to your website, it’s about the quality of traffic. I could have 5 people and good ones coming to my website buying my products rather than 20000 coming and just ignoring what I offer and dropping off. Why would I pay for such useless traffic if they are not quality meaning interested?

Here is the right mindset for an effective online business:

  1. Explore the areas where you think people are starving meaning have a hunger for your products.
  2. Tap into that segment to market your products. Get your offer in front of the right people.
  3. Traffic + Conversion = Profit
  4. It’s about Gross Profit and not the net income. If you are not getting gross profit then you cannot market to the right audience.
  5. So initially you put back your gross into the business to get more quality customers. Provided you have the right business model then this is what will work.
  6. Most of the money you will make is from repeat buyers. As you have the element of trust with them.
  7. Look for a niche where there is competition. Why, as competition tells you there is money there.
  8. Don’t tread water while you think you are doing something but all you are doing is treading water and not moving forward. Having that first sale is the biggest step you will take. So don’t spend too much time taking training courses and preparing for it.
  9. Dont try to make things perfect before you take your first step.
  10. Everything you do should be focused on sales and increasing the sales period.
  11. You cannot look at your online business as WORK if you look at it as work you will never succeed. You need to learn to LOVE it. Love your business no matter how small or big it is.



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