20 Free Social Media monitoring tools

If you’re a manager trying to make the case for your company’s social media rankings and the need to push social media marketing a bit more, then these free services from social media analysis vendors will help you justify the budget to keep going or actually start with an impact.

Free tools from social media analysis companies:

The Big Players but still free

Other free Social Media Monitoring tools:

Companies who offer free, limited accounts on commercial tools (“Freemium” model):

Commercial tools with free trials (length of trial):

The distinction between “no money” and “no budget yet” is important for free trials. The limited time may be all you need to collect enough information to support your request. If you’re making the case for the budget, I’m sure the vendors will be happy for you to use them that way. If you already have a budget, of course, everyone will offer you a demo. There are many paid tools available that I shall discuss in another post but these will give you a sure head start in understanding how your company is doing in the social sphere.

If I you know any more free social media tools please do share them here. Thank you


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